Boathouse Hours (Beginning 3/15/21)

Mon-Fri: 5AM-8PM

Sat: 5AM-5PM

Sun: 5AM-4 PM



 -Nose & mouth must be covered while on land

-Check in at front lobby via main doors for temp screening

-Submit Camden County 2021 Waiver to front desk upon 1st visit

-Bring (and use) your own towel to wipe down boat

-Disinfect everything you touch not owned by you 

-Use oar handle sanitization station for extra protection

-Bathroom Open; Upstairs Locker Rooms/Showers Closed

-Get in, Row, then Leave the Premises - Don't Hang Around!

UPDATES - July 20, 2020


Rowing Hours  Mon-Fri: 5AM-5PM   Sat/Sun: 7AM-5PM


UPDATES - July 6, 2020


Rowing Hours  Mon-Fri: 5AM-5PM   Sat/Sun: 7AM-1PM

UPDATES - June 3, 2020

Rowing Hours  Mon/Wed/Fri: 5AM-4PM   Sat/Sun: 7AM-1PM

UPDATES- May 27, 2020

Boathouse reopening updates from last week and yesterday have been provided via email and are also available in members-only section under announcements

Sorry - No Updates Have Been Provided by the County Since March 30, 2020 (posted 5/6/20)


UPDATES - April 1, 2020

NO ROWING - Camden County has extended the boathouse closure through April 20th.

UPDATES - March 17, 2020

ERGING has been suspended for the season.

Camden County has closed the boathouse - NO ROWING through March 31st.

Updates will be sent to members via email, please keep us informed of email address changes.