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Cooper Rowing Club Mission, Vision, Values

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Cooper Rowing Club is dedicated to providing all of our members with the best rowing experiences possible and to sustain and grow our membership.




CRC strives to be a rowing club that exhibits the highest levels of sportsmanship, integrity and inclusivity; provides quality equipment to its members; offers opportunities to advance rowing skills; and maintains fiscal responsibility and transparency. 

Our Values
  • Excellence - provide quality equipment and programs to benefit all members

  • Safety - prioritize responsible boating practices and respectful communication for all members on the water along with safely handling boats off the water 

  • Inclusive –  value and welcome all members equally to build a strong team/club

  • Respect – respect the rights of our members and our rowing community through positive coaching, supportive teammates, and enthusiastic members

  • Fun –  promote a sense of joy and excitement in all our programs and activities

  • Volunteerism - volunteer time and skills as you are able such as: mentoring novice rowers, equipment maintenance, regatta volunteers, etc



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